If you or your organization suffered an injustice that caused you damages, call the Law Office of Vernon L. Bailey to discuss your legal rights (702) 877-6444.  Attorney Vernon Bailey has extensive litigation experience in Nevada both prosecuting and defending cases.  As an experienced litigator, Attorney Bailey is knowledgeable in many different areas of the law in order to ensure you the most effective representation.  Attorney Bailey's goal is to favorably resolve disputes prior to litigation and, if necessary, through trial and appeal.

Types of Business Dispute Negotiation and Civil Litigation cases:

  Breach of Contract

  Estate Litigation

  Probate Litigation

  Trust Litigation



  Non-compete Agreement


  Commercial Litigation

  Business Dissolution

  Real Estate

  Construction Lien Litigation

  Complex Civil Litigation

  Breach of Agreement / Promise 


  Insurance Bad Faith

  Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

  Unfair Trade / Business Practice

  Legal Malpractice

  Serious Injury / Wrongful Death

  and more

  If all business owners, customers, contractors, employers, employees, and people in general lived up to their promises and obligations, there would not be much need for a lawyer.  As you are reading this right now, you or someone you know has probably suffered an injustice due to someone else not doing what they were supposed to do.

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  Attorney Vernon Bailey's goal is to help his aggrieved client in a dispute to prompt and favorable resolution through effective negotiation and litigation.  Call today to discuss your legal options (702) 877-6444.

  Business Disputes, Commercial Litigation, and Breach of Contract cases oftentimes have very complex legal issues and require precise and skilled representation.  If an individual or business breached a contract, broke promises, breached an agreement (written or verbal), or otherwise failed to perform a contractual obligation or duty, please call Attorney Vernon Bailey to discuss the applicable law and your damages.  Attorney Vernon Bailey is an experienced and dedicated Nevada Litigation Attorney.

  As with all cases, there are time limitations on when you must file a lawsuit by without waiving your rights permanently.  Anyone considering asserting their rights against any person or organization should promptly contact Attorney Vernon Bailey to discuss the merits of the case and the deadlines for filing, or risk losing their rights entirely.

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