What is legal malpractice?  What constitutes legal malpractice?

  The following actions or inaction by an attorney may lead to a valid attorney malpractice case or other claim against ones attorney:


   Letting the statute of limitations expire before filing the complaint with the proper court or otherwise missing an important deadline;


   Failure to preserve all of the client's claims;


   Failure to preserve a defense or defenses;


   Charging excessive fees.  For example, in Nevada there are limits to what an attorney can collect as a contingency fee in a medical malpractice case.  An attorney cannot collect a medical malpractice contingency fee greater than 25% for the portion of a settlement or verdict that exceeds $100,000.  Furthermore, an attorney cannot collect a medical malpractice contingency fee greater than 15% of the portion of a settlement or verdict that exceeds $600,000;


   Negligence in handling a case;


   Fraudulent conduct;


   Concealing mistakes from client;


   Failure to timely disclose exhibits and expert witnesses; and


   Other incompetence.


   In addition to establishing that ones attorney was negligent, the client must prove that the attorney's negligence was the cause of damages to the client.


   As with all cases, there are time limitations on when you must file a legal malpractice lawsuit by without waiving your rights permanently. 

   Has your Nevada attorney said you have a great case and later tried to convince you it's not worth much?  It's possible your attorney missed an important deadline and is covering it up.  Sometimes unethical attorneys try to cover up their mistakes by not telling their clients the truth.  Lawyers can be sued for negligence or fraud just like everyone else. 


   Attorneys and Law Firms may have attorney malpractice insurance coverage for claims that they are negligent in their representation of a client or clients.  As a principle of law, a jury will not be told during trial that insurance coverage exists in legal malpractice cases and most other lawsuits.

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