Honest Representation

  An attorney can tell you what you want to hear in order to get you to sign a fee agreement.  Attorney Vernon Bailey believes you should be told the good and bad legal and factual proof issues in your case.  Who is harmed when a sales pitching attorney tells a potential client how great their case is just to get hired?  The client.  The law is complex and your opposition will have legal arguments to present to the court.  Generally, it is unprofessional and disingenuous for an attorney to fail to address both the pros and cons of each case with the client from day one.  Attorney Vernon Bailey will tell you the good, the bad, and the realities of proceeding with your case based on his years of experience and legal knowledge.

Dedicated Representation

  Do you want an attorney that returns your telephone calls?  Do you want an attorney that is dedicated to his clients and truly cares to get the facts and the legal arguments correct in the legal briefs and other filings on your behalf with the Court?  Do you want a skilled litigation attorney that will take the time and explain your legal options with you?  Do you want an attorney that will advocate and fight for your rights?

  If so, take the time to call Attorney Vernon Bailey as he will take the time to discuss your legal matters in a confidential and professional manner.  Please refer to the Practice Areas page on this website for details on the types of cases handled by Attorney Bailey.

Efficient Representation

  When you hire the Law Office of Vernon L. Bailey, you get Attorney Vernon Bailey.  Attorney Bailey will talk to you and will know all the details of your case from beginning to end.

  You will NOT get the big law firm experience of having your file passed around to two or three entry-level associates, a couple of paralegals, and a senior partner so ALL of them can get billable hours on your file and none of them truly know you or your case.

Why Hire Attorney Vernon Bailey?

Law Office of Vernon L. Bailey

The National Trial Lawyers
The National Trial Lawyers

Dedicated to clients.

Explaining your options.

experienced & aggressive.

Experienced Representation

  Attorney Vernon Bailey is the attorney that talks to you from day one, drafts the court filings, communicates with opposing counsel, attends depositions, attends hearings and argues in court, handles discovery, and understands your case throughout.  Attorney Bailey actually attends the depositions and preliminary hearings so he can personally observe the witnesses and their demeanor.  He does not rely on a memorandum to the file by an entry-level associate attorney that has no experience gauging the likeability and believability of a witness.

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